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I would like to add a 'lens' to your list of vision, purpose and a compass.

A lens to understand the emergent patterns of the present and make meaning of it. This would enable or empower a person to go with the flow and live life on a moment to moment basis.


John Caswell

Really like this and thanks so much for the connection!...100% agreed!!!...John

Nicolas Stampf

I disagree with Dibyendu: not a lens, but a macroscope! See http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/macrbook.html


Dibyendu, Nicolas: a whole series of lenses indeed! This is not contradictory!

Nicolas, very interesting book of Joël de Rosnay! Here is the introduction with the description of the macroscope: http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/macroscope/default.html#INTRODUCTION


Talking about macro... The macroscope would certainly help for my "Shared Intent & Purpose for Action - Bridging the Gap between Micro & Macro" post: http://bit.ly/jGns4s

Patric Roberts (Mushin)

The previous field of metaphysical understandings has deepened recently in new cognitive awareness'es in biological science and mapping "what we agree we don't know" in the current blind spot causing pain points in human experience is the "observer paradox" as emergent cognitive agents. We can build upon explorers on the field and Autopoiese is a ontological ground for the emergence you point to as a reflective learning experience in a "MetaDesign" in a mood of realization as autopoietic agents nurturing the deep desires in our shared biology of knowing love that constitutes every unit of our humanity as Homo sapiens amans. Our fullness and happiness is in our shared humanness in wholeness, maturity and transcending the dualistic emotional contradictions in culture. Human beings are already always beautiful, wonderful, curious and caring. Great post and keep it up!
Thank you!

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