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This is fantastic, Helene. Just what I've been craving - and just what's needed.


Thanks Michelle. I'm glad you liked it. Now it's a question of making things happen.

I did not reproduce here the conclusion of my article that came in gigantic font in the magazine: We need to create a Dynamic. And a platform. The Living WE.

It kinds of ties in quite nicely with your Humanity 4.0 vision, doesn't it?


This is inspiring and fits in beautifully with what I'm holding, believing, co-creating into existence as well. Thank you for the naming and making MORE visible. it is like Humanity 4.0 indeed and it is very much akin to Barbara Marx Hubbard's work around the Peace Room which she was talking about in 1984 and earlier - to make a peace room as sophisticated as the war room - to essentially scan, map and connect what's working in the world....to make it more visible to ourselves this new emerging world. It is all around us. Wow.

This to me is the key and I'm quite amazed sometimes by how many people do not believe this, because they do not see it and they do not have filters which scan for this kind of information.

Have you both seen www.studiooccupy.org? We could create a channel for all of this Next Edge kind of stories.

Also, here's a link to the documentary: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/all-watched-over-by-machines-of-loving-grace/

Love that conclusion! Dynamic - social architecture; platform - technological architecture; living we - energetic architecture. all three are needed.



Thanks Sheri. I love your linking to architectures. Social, technological, energetic.

Studiooccupy seems great. It reminded me of Mozilla popcorn that enables to create interactive video: http://mozillapopcorn.org/

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